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The effect of globalisation, competition and consumer awareness in today's world has changed the way goods and services are been introduced or marketed to targeted market. The central problem facing business is not shortage of goods/services but a shortage of customers. It would be agreed that most organisations know where their brand stands in the market place and they also know where they want to take the brand. The question now is; how do you get from where you are to where you want to be?

Redwood Academy

There is currently a dearth of professional commercial managers for product marketing and sales in many developing markets due to evolving business and economic opportunities, especially in the emerging markets.  It is becoming increasingly difficult to find well-trained and competent marketing and sales professionals to occupy various positions in FMCGs and Services organizations especially across levels.  Recycling of managers has been the order of the day and some organizations have resorted to expatriate talents as stop gap.

Preservation of the Marketing and Sales profession has become critical – particularly the need to immerse trainees and young managers in the practicability of building brands/products rather than being template completer.


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